Saturday, August 15, 2015

Long dead light

I sit at a tiny booth and pretend I have authority over people and which movie they should watch.
 Benevolently allowing them to pass if they have the correct piece of paper.
 As the people cross my little greeter booth to watch movie stars
I spend my time stargazing people.
 A little boy steps on an escalator while clinging to his father's hand. He slips on the escalator and swings slightly, never letting go of the arm that is the size of his body, he slips because the gravity which is collectively pulling us all down isn't quite as strong as the force keeping the child attached to his dad.
 I watch a mother with three slightly older slightly unruly children come towards my little booth.
 The children immediately start raiding the 3D glasses as I helplessly watch, words of protest from their mother go unheard until she uses the sentence of doom:"I think we should go home"
 halting them in their tiny tracks, 
they hastily put my glasses back in their little basket and temporarily behave themselves. 
I do my duty of tearing their tickets in half and unleash them on their designated theater. 
As the mother crosses my threshold the children take off again like a pack of rabid wolves that had spotted a crippled buffalo.
 At first it seems they are just running around wildly but I start to notice a pattern.
 the invisible force doesn't let them get too far.
 They orbit their mother like little moons around a planet.
A couple holding hands catches my eye,
 she says something and smiles, 
he laughs.
 A warmth radiates off of them like a sun. the invisible force 
where they hold hands,
like a hydrogen reaction
 in the heart of a star.
 A happiness that seems to make the movie hall just a little bit brighter. 
a brightness that bounces off of me
 like moonlight, 
I feel like I should be sad,
 but I catch myself smiling. 
I can't help but think how a collapsed sun turns into a black hole,
 a thing that warps space and time,
 an invisible force that pulls me from my tiny booth to a far away place 
and a long time ago,
 where the combination of gravity and love break a cheap Ikea bed and create a memory that shines bright, long after the star has died.
And until I do.
I tear another ticket and ponder if there is anything more beautiful than starlight.

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